Joy of Giving

At Hope Community, we firmly believe that growth happens when we submit to God. One of the areas where that touches us practically is concerning our possessions and wealth.  

The scriptures teach us that everything we have belongs to God. He created us and He redeemed us. One of the ways He instructs us to acknowledge that is by giving. That starts with a tithe. A tithe is 10% of our earnings that we bring and give to God. It is not a tax, it is a freedom. It is a way of not allowing our possessions to possess us.

We would also suggest a helpful book which explains this further - The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. If you would like a copy or have any questions, please see someone at the Welcome Table on Sunday or stop by the office during the week.

How can I give? 

• Choose to give during Sunday services.

• Simplify your giving by clicking here to sign up for one time or automatic withdrawal.