Hope Community Church is pleased to announce that we are now offering counseling with professional counselor, Carolyn Rodecker, LPCC, LCDCIII. Carolyn offers flexible hours throughout the week. She can be seen by appointment only. The fee for one counseling session (50-60 minutes in length) is $60 for the general public and $50 for Hope Community Church family. 

Counseling may be helpful if you are...

- Feeling isolated or withdrawn   - Having career or financial problems

- Having marriage or relationship issues   - Battling an addiction or having a hard time finding a balance in life

- Feeling depressed or anxious    - Having a hard time controlling your anger

- Engaging in destructive behaviors or have children with behavioral issues    - Looking for general support 


For more information or to make an appointment, call 440.427.4635 x108 or email Carolyn at

Carolyn Rodecker: Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, LCDCIII

Carolyn’s training to become a counselor began in the early nineties. She was blessed to be a spiritual mentor, and to facilitate small groups such as codependency, alcohol and drugs, and relationship addiction. Carolyn’s last year of internship with Cornerstone of Hope, a center for those who are grieving, gave her the opportunity to work with individuals, families, and groups who were dealing with death and terminal illness. As a licensed professional counselor, she has continued to broaden her scope of practice to also include mental disorders (i.e. things such as depression, bipolar, and anxiety disorders).

Carolyn specializes in counseling related to abuse, addiction, bereavement (terminal illness and death, working with individuals and families trying to cope), chemical abuse/ dependency, family therapy, trauma, mental disorder, and group therapy addressing issues related to behavioral, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Carolyn has witnessed God’s restorative process in her own life, as well as restoration in the lives of friends, family, and coworkers.  Her vision is to be a part of that restorative process in the lives of others.  Her mission is to be nothing more than an extension of the hands and feet of our Lord, conveying the message that there is life and that there is always hope!